The Core Beliefs of Urban Survival

The Core Beliefs of Urban Survival

I myself have not always been into prepping and SHTF urban survival.

A few years ago I pretty much saw the writing on the wall so to speak.

With all of the instability in our current paradigm it’s easy to see why emergency preparedness and urban survival is gaining so much popularity.

Now when you say urban survival were not talking just he wilderness urban survival where you live off the land and become john the forest man. Shtf urban survival is more of a lifestyle now. It spans the areas from Urban survival to Emergency Preparedness.

Survival is by no means a new trend. People have been practicing urban survival techniques and homesteading for many years now.

Preparing for emergencies, disaster preparations and just having enough food and water on hand in case of earthquakes or civil unrest, bank run is a good idea. Urban survival and surviving a calamity or economic breakdown with survival gear is the goal.

There are many titles for this type of life style such as urban survivalist, prepper, homesteading and many more but they all basically come down to one thing, being prepared. Shtf survival – The old adage “better to be safe than sorry” is a core belief in urban survivalism.

The Urban Survival Lifestyle

To be a urban survivalist doesn’t mean extreme hording or any other fringe stereotype. In fact people prep all the time without even meaning to.shtf survival

This could mean something as simple as buying a few extra cans of food every week to full on 5 gallon tubs with mylar and oxygen absorbers for food storage. Either way you prep remember that something is always better than nothing.

Now here is a very important thing to remember. No matter what stage you are at with your SHTF urban survival prep you need to keep in mind that first and foremost get the basics.

I know so many people that are prepping for SHTF urban survival and they are stuck in what I call “analysis paralysis”.

They are stuck on getting everything perfectly planned out before they even start. This is a big problem. No one and I mean no one can predict when bad events will happen.

This means that you never know when you might need your emergency preparedness gear.

So before you start making extensive lists and narrowing down all of the “extra luxuries,” get the basics.

What I Mean By The Basics Are:

  1. Bug Out Bag – Start with the essential items first, See my personalized and comprehensive bug out bag list →  Bug Out Bag Checklist
  2. Water – The single most crucial item we need the quickest following the 3-3-3 rule. You can without air for 3 minutes, without water for 3 days, without food for 3 weeks. Next to air, water goes first! The emergency water pouch kit is ideal for the whole family to stockpile.
  3. Food – Food, water and shelter, having enough food for everyone in your group is vital. What will you do if your kids or spouse goes hungry in times of SHTF or WROL? See the 72 hour emergency food rations here…
  4. Security – Protection for your ‘stuff’. Go Bag Contents Security Section… What is the specific security threat most likely to occur in a SHTF scenario? Looters and most likely people that want (and need) your stuff. How would you protect it?
  5. Clothing – Necessary in cold and severe climates, including hot and dry weather areas. Even the desert areas get to freezing temps at night. You may need more clothing protection than you think. >> Check out the latest warm weather gear advancements
  6. Evacuation Plan – This is especially important for SHTF in an urban setting
  7. Long Term Food Storage – Need a plan for long term rotation and storage of your food. Our article: SHTF Food Storage does it well.
  8. Bug Out Vehicle – Your vehicle can be flexible for your needs and your situation, location etc. Great place to start are these resources: Bugout Vehicle Choices.
  9. General Prep – Other preparations once the necessity preps are complete.

After you have most of this covered, you can then start with the more in-depth urban survival gear. This is when I would start looking at things like a water purification system, alternative energy, alternative cooking methods and SHTF urban survival communications.

For your bug out bag check out my Bug Out Bag Checklist for some great starter ideas.

Your Bug Out Vehicle or BOV is another important thing to think about. As I mention in my post Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) and What You Need To Know About Them there are several lines of thought on what make the best Bug Out Vehicle. The most important thing is to have a plan.

If you live in an Urban Setting you will need to really prepare for this. Now you can use any vehicle for bugging out or you can go all out. Either way you go make sure you aren’t making any important decisions during the chaos.

Urban Survival

Urban survival is a completely different area as I mentioned in my post on Top 10 SHTF Urban survival Bug Out Tips. When you are dealing with an Urban survival Situation you have many more things to think about.

The name of the game with this situation is blending in and getting out of the area. If the situation permits you might end up bugging in. For this situation I strongly suggest getting familiar with Urban survival Gardening. If you think about it logically when the bad things happen you better believe the stores will be cleared out in record time.

Food is the main priority in this emergency situation. Trust me having a sustainable food source will be one of the best techniques you could learn if it comes down to that. You don’t want to be waiting for food from some agency, waiting in line with thousands of other people and that’s assuming that whatever happens there will still be the ability to send out relief efforts to the people.

SHTF urban survival is keeping all of this in mind. It can seem daunting at times to have to plan for so many urban survival situations but like I said urban survival is a lifestyle and a way to thinking.

Homesteading is an increasingly popular lifestyle. This lifestyle is all about self-sufficient living. Most homesteading is gardening and keeping livestock. But anyone can homestead. Regardless of your location be it Urban or Rural you can adapt to this way of living.

Homesteading concentrates on canning and Food Preservation, alternative energy like Solar or Wind Turbines. Getting off the grid is a great way to prep for SHTF urban survival.

This is a very controversial subject with many different opinions. To put is simply it does not matter how you get off the grid, just getting off the grid will ensure that if infrastructure crumbles when you will have modern conveniences like electricity.

As for keeping livestock this can also be done regardless of your location. Even if you live in the city, depending on your city laws and regulations. I know for a fact that in my city we are allowed to have 6 chickens as long as they are 10 feet from the house and the neighbor’s house.

I know chickens are a bit loud and messy but get creative and thing about goats or turkeys. Food preservation is a basic way to start Homesteading.

Canning fruits and vegetable and meat is actually really easy. This is something that you can do to cut down on the cost of buying SHTF urban survival Food as well. There are plenty of great books and free information of Food Storage and Canning out there to get you started.

Urban survival and Emergency Preparedness are not only limited to food and water but think about Financial security in a situation.

Say the dollar crumbles or it’s so crazy people just don’t care about money. I mean if you were trying to SHTF urban survival would you trade for other good s that you might need or take money for a transaction? This brings us to urban survival barter items.

Barter items can be anything from shampoo and soap (check out my post on how to easily make soap) to other tangible assets as silver and gold.

Most urban survivalist and Preppers out there are also investing in security. These are the best self-defense items you can get. They can make just about any situation a level playing field. There are many different opinions on which protection is the best SHTF urban survival protections but in my opinion just about any security is better than none. I would suggest personal security.

These will most definitely provide great personal security. Keep in mind though that security aren’t the end all in security.

They are great for when the situation escalates to that point but the best SHTF urban survival defense is avoiding confrontation and staying hidden. In my post What is the 5 Levels of Personal security? I explain the levels of escalation and how to avoid force.

urban survival

In a urban survival Situation communication is key to restoring order or finding like-minded people. Since most people agree that in a situation cell phones will most likely be down and email as well what other ways are there to communicate?

Well it can be something as simple as a short wave radio. A lot of preppers are investing in a shortwave radio or a HAM Radio. These are great solutions to communications problems in an emergency.

Not only are they really great of emergency communication but it’s a very tightknit group of like-minded people and I know you will find some great people on the radio waves!

Bugging in our bugging out is another great subject of urban survival. Every situation is different and this is something you will have to judge yourself.

If it is a natural disaster you might consider bugging in. If rule of law around the country is still up and emergency services are still functional then staying put and hunkering down is probably your best bet.

If we are talking civil unrest or things of that nature many consider bugging out to get away from the masses a better solution. Wither way it is vital to have several plans for evacuation planned out. Be it getting out of dodge or bunkering down to ride out the emergency situation a plan can save your life.

If you are reading this then you’re on the right path to SHTF urban survival and Preparedness. Sometimes you might feel alone in your quest for complete preparedness but remember just because you don’t see everyone doing it there are a lot of us out there that see the writing on the wall.

Don’t get frustrated or disappointed in your level of urban survival prep press on and remember everyone has to start somewhere and any bit you do helps you more than you will know! Stay strong in your beliefs and goals and have fun with your urban survival lifestyle.

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All of this said remember that Surviving does not mean living comfortably. A lot of people confuse that. You can go on and be extremely uncomfortable. But we urban survivalists and preppers WILL persist to see another day with urban survival and SHTF Survival.


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