The Absolutely Essential 7 Items for a Bug Out Bag


For those of you how are starting to build up your bug out bag it can seem like a daunting task. What to have? What’s overkill? What’s Absolutely essential?

Well I have compiled a list of the top 7 things that are bug out bag essentials. This is not a complete checklist like have here, but rather a list of what you MUST have in your bag in my opinion for your best chances at survival.

While building your emergency preparedness evac bag don’t get discouraged, many people have spent years perfecting their Bug out bags.

Remember that the fact that you are even reading up on this means you are more prepared than 90% of people out there for survival.

There are many names for a bug out bag such as BOB, 72 hour bag, 3 day bag, Get Out of Dodge Bag and many more!

No matter the name they all serve the same purpose, get you out fast and with most of what you need to survive. For an URBAN BUG OUT BAG list Click Here!

A lot of people create their survival bag to last much longer than 3 days but everyone agrees that 3 days is the absolute minimum for your Emergency Bag.

If this is the start of your bag I suggest getting these items first and then worrying about all the extras!

Top 7 Items for your Bug Out Bag Survival

1. Water. This is the single most important item in any bug out bag for survival.

Water is a basic necessity for any human being. Not only will you need it but it usually becomes the most valuable commodity because EVERYONE needs it.

The bare minimum of water per day for a person is around 1 liter and that’s really scraping by.

So going along with the 3 day minimum you will need 3 liters of water per person in your bug out bag. If youbug out bag have a large family or are near a water source you might be able to reduce that by using a water purification system or water purification tablets.

But before you rely on water purification make sure you have water around that you can get to.

2.  Food. This is another very important aspect of your bag for survival. Since this is a bag you will be most likely carrying think light.

Borrow ideas from camping and backpackers like freeze dried food, meal replacement bars and Peanut butter it comes in handy tubes, is an excellent source of protein, and does not require refrigeration or cooking.

3.  Clothing. When packing your clothes for your bug out bag think about what you would bring if you were going out for a weekend of camping and backpacking. This means functional comfortable and sturdy exactly what you need for survival.A pair of comfortable boots or athletic shoes

  1. A pair of long pants
  2. 2 pairs of socks (100% wool is best)
  3. 2 Shirts (1 short sleeved and 1 long-sleeved)
  4. A jacket (preferably one that is both warm and water resistant)
  5. A hat (think sun protection)
  6. A bandana

bug out bag4. Shelter

This is a very important part as well.

Remember you are leaving your home/sanctuary and trying to survive possibly in a hostile environment.

You will need a warm safe place away from the elements to sleep.

For a 3 day shelter you will need at the bare minimum:

- A tarp or tent

- An under tarp to protect from the ground

- A bedroll or sleeping bag

This is a very crude set up but in a pinch it can be  better than nothing in a survival situation.

5. A First Aid Kit

I personally don’t recommend buying one of those “amazing 1001 things you need” first aid kits. Not only are they usually lacking what you will really need but they are extremely overpriced. Your best bet is to build your own and keep it in your emergency disaster bag.

Get a simple gallon sized Ziploc bag and fill it with

  • Adhesive bandages: A few of each size. Pack a lot more of the 1″ since they work well for blisters. Bandages that are foam instead of fabric offer more protection for blisters and can still be used for other first aid.
  • Antibiotic Ointment.
  • Benadryl or other antihistamine: Emergencies are not a good time to have an allergic reaction.
  • Epi-pen if you have been given one by your doctor for severe allergies. They’re usually willing to write prescriptions for several so you can keep several available.
  • Prescription medication to last a day or two in a well-labeled container. If your medication changes, you need to update your kit. Be very specific when labeling describe the pill (or whatever), the dose, and what it treats. Don’t forget an asthma inhaler if you are an asthmatic. You may be walking and air quality could be questionable.
  • Pain killers, such as aspirin. Look in the travel/trial size section of stores for small bottles.
  • Ace bandage: is great for rolled ankles or can be used to immobilize a limb.
  • Latex or vinyl gloves (if you are allergic to latex) are a must.
  • Anti-bacterial hand gel for cleaning up.
  • Wash cloth or hand towel: can be used for cleanup, wiping a sweaty brow or signaling.
  • Find a travel/trial size of saline solution It can be used to irrigate a wound.
  • Assorted gauze or other first aid items. You can use additional quart or gallon size plastic storage bags to keep items dry and organizes

Survival Prepardness Bug Out Bag

6. Basic Necessities For Your Bug Out Bag Survival

I know it’s hard to see what we actually take for granted for having on hand. Here is a simple list that you are probably very used to having on hand and would use a great deal in a survival emergency situation.

Rain Gear- A simple poncho will work fine for this and they are usually packed very tight and will be very light to carry

Fire- This is a basic human need as well. You will need fire to do a myriad of things. Having 3 ways of making fire is a good idea. Matches, a Lighter and fire steel, these should surely be good in a pinch to make fire!

Light- This means anything from a simple flashlight to a led headlamp. Either way light is very important and when you are without the


convenience of electricity you will be very thankful for any light.

7. Weapons for Survival

No matter how you look at it , it’s better to be safe than sorry. In a situation that requires you to bug out it might turn into a wild west no law type of mentality.

Being able and prepared to defend yourself is part of the prepper and survivalist mindset. Which weapon you choose it completely up to you and your person preference, it can be anything from a hand gun to a shot gun or even a big walking stick.

Whatever you choose make sure to have it on hand if the times comes that you need to defend you or your family from the “bad guys”.

With all of these things ready to go in your survival bag you will be ready for any emergency or disaster.

The key to survival is be prepared. Don’t get caught off guard and you will be better of than most people when it come to emergency preparedness and your bug out bag!

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