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Having a well stocked, well planned out Go Bag is an crucial part of survival and planning for a natural or man-made disaster scenario. I like to tell people to prepare a quick go bag as well as a larger, more detailed Bugout Bag.

The smaller go bag acts as a quick, essentials only bag that can be grabbed in a split second and have the essential items to survive or get to where you need to get to in an emergency.

Our family keeps a go bag in each of our cars, in our work areas as well as school and home. The bags differ depending on the location, ie: car go bag has essentials to survive on the road and to get back to home base.

The go bag contents depend on you and what you deem essential depending on the following factors:

  • Your location in the world
  • Your climate, type of weather
  • Whether it is a car go bag, home go bag or vacation cabin bag
  • How many people in your family
  • What disaster or emergency event you plan for

…and other factors as well such as the situation that you wish to plan for such as:

Natural Disasters: Earthquake, Floods, Tornado, Tsunami, Hurricane

Man-Made Events: Nuclear detonation, EMP blast, terrorist action, civil unrest

Economic Emergency Event: Implosion of the markets, riots in the streets, social unrest

Other: Asteroid or comet impact event, solar flare, etc

Let’s take a look at some of the essentials that I would recommend to anyone to stock their go bags for that emergency situation you want to prepare for.

Go Bag Contents

Water – Having enough to get you through a temporary event or getting to your house or home base is vital. I like to recommend emergency water pouches due to the nature of the durability of these pouches.

You typically can rely on these water pouches to not puncture, in other words, you can count on having that water when you need it. Also, it will be hermetically sealed and fresh, safe to drink. Emergency water pouch discount pack of 64

Food – Food and sustenance, energy is next on the list. Without the energy, you become listless and motion tends to stop.

This coupled with an emergency event can be deadly in a situation. Food should be nesxt on the list and is very easy to get emergency energy in the form of energy bars, meals ready to eat (MRE) and other high energy, low storage size food sources such as the 3600 calorie emergency energy packs.

In addition: You’ll need to heat your food as well as heat your surroundings and body temperature. Fire and or cook stoves are another important piece to the successful go bag. I like the magnesium fire starter for lighting a fire in the rough. For a stove, go with the Primus Classic stove (it always works!) or the canned heat pack for quick cooking.

Shelter – If you live in a harsher climate, either cold, hot, windy, dry, wet or in between, then shelter should not be overlooked. Having a comfort and safe area to retreat to is also vital. Shelter from the elements can make the difference between life and death.

The solar mylar kit (for the whole family) is an ideal SHTF item for your go bag contents. I also recommend a good hat or afghani scarf to shield from the sun as well as out of your eyes, keep you cooler and no sunburn to add to your condition.

Lighting: Flashlight, LED, Lanterns – Sometimes traveling at night, early morning is needed for a WROL or SHTF or emergency event. For this, having a good LED bright flashlight, long battery life and durable, rugged design is essential. These are great choices:








Defense / Offense weapons and Security – Having some simple piece of mind in any emergency or disaster scenario is a good idea. The best items for personal self defense are: Kimber Pepperblaster II, the Fury Tactical Slapper, and the Fury Tactical Kuba-Kickz.

These items will go a long way to defending yourself and your family in a pinch. They can be stashed in your smaller go bag or larger bugout bag as well. I like to get multiple of the above items, stow them in my car go bag, my home and work go bags for the whole family.

First Aid / Medical Supplies – You always hope that you won’t need these items, but in the event that you do, having them is crucial to supply your bugout bag or go bag with these essential supplies.

They are both for you and your family and others that may need medical attention or attention. A good, well stocked and compact first aid kit is a great item for the go bag.

Overall, the items above would be a great START towards getting a great contents of your go bag. Your items can be modifications of the above, in addition to other well thought out items for SHTF, WROL or other emergency situation.

Hopefully, this article will further your prep items for your (and your family) go bag contents.


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