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What are the Best Survival Weapons to Protect Your ‘Stuff’?

Tactical VestThe ongoing and long surviving debate and controversy surrounding survival weapons continues to this day.

This controversy surrounds the survival and prepper community and the question of what gun or guns are the perfect survival weapons to arm yourself with and to protect you and your family in times of strife.

Along the same lines what caliber weapon is the best caliber for a survival weapon or a survival SHTF scenario where you have to protect your home, family, food and water, food storage, livelihood or any other essential goods with a survival weapon.

This is a complex topic is not simple as there are many schools of thoughts, many scenarios that you need to think about when searching for those perfect survival weapons or pistols along with of course your survival food and survival water. Food Storage Supplies is also needed.

One size does not fit all when it comes to looking at weapons for survival. For instance depending on the scenario they are looking at, the type of weapon can change to suit your needs and the ammo or ammunition type.

About Survival Weapons

Info About Survival Weapons

Cold Steel FGXFor instance, if your in a close combat situation, obviously a rifle is not the best weapon to choose to bring to this type of situation whereas a pistol would be for a shorter barreled shotgun.

Several survival books and many survival forums and websites on survival have debated this topic for years now.

The simple answer is that it does not mean that just one weapon or gun is perfect for all survival scenarios or SHTF situations. It is a situation based answer as to what weapon, caliber or type of firearm is best for SHTF.

We’ll go over and talk about different sorts of situations that you may encounter or are looking to prep for and the ideal gun and weapons to be successful against.

Survival Weapons Tips

Poly Resin KnifeThe standard first line of defense survival weapons you would need would be the main battle rifle.

These will typically be a military weapon that are built to take a lot of abuse and punishment out in the field and still function when he needed to function and not malfunction or jam when you need it most.

The caliber of main battle rifles that you would ideally want would be the 7.62 mm or the .308 caliber rifles. The SKS made by Russian or Yugoslavian region versions of this venerable rifle are ideal.

Survival WeaponsThese rifles have been around for decades and shoot even though they’re covered in mud or abused physically will always work for when needed.

Accuracy however is somewhat to be desired but these can be modified and accurized to make these SKS survival weapons more accurate as you need them to be. They are also very inexpensive and priced low with plenty of these on the market today.

Though recently, they have climbed in price and availability nis lower, the SKS is still the perfect #1 choice of main SHTF weapon for me.

The ammo is needed is also prevalent and can be found everywhere by the box or by the case for this rifle round, the 7.62mm round.

As far as a knockdown power the SKS bullet has more knockdown power and velocity than the M-16 bullets.

Speaking of the M-16, I have had many of these and have shot many as well and if any dirt or debris even looks at the receiver of this rifle, it jams up and does not work for you.

They typically need to be perfectly clean and operating smoothly for erring to be working and not malfunctioning or misfiring. Though, once in clean condition, these fire and track extremely well to the target and are very accurate.

Best Survival Weapons

Survival knife setThe second type of survival weapon you would need to include would be a class of survival weapons that is very reliable but is not as long-range as a main battle rifle would be this would be the shorter range rifles such as the AR 15 rifles.

Another venerable and respected proud rifles is the M1A, this is known as the M1 Garand and was used first in WWII by Army snipers.

This rifle was capable of shots with accuracy at 1000 yards plus is a 30-06 round that has many rounds on the open market at surplus rates. It is a great caliber for Survival Weapons today.

Survival Weapons

The M14 rifle is another standard SHTF survival rifle that has also been the stalwart of the military and is a .308 caliber.

Available in semi auto and with magazines for quick reloading this makes an amazing weapons for survival around.

So in recap, the ultimate in survival weapons includes 3 to 4 amazing robust sturdy and durable will not fail you rifles, the M14, the SKS, the M1A and the AR15.

These are chosen due to the fact that they are military rifles and are built to last and take a lot of field abuse and would work perfectly in civilian hands includes wilderness survival.

The AR15 caveats is that it does have temperamental qualities such as dirt and lack of cleaning may malfunction or jam similar to the M-16. The accuracy and versatility of this rifle however presents itself to this list as another option for survival weapons that should make your list nevertheless.

Personal Defense Weapons

Another important category of SHTF weapons includes self defense weapons and close combat defense. In a riot, SHTF or WROL scenario, the typical case would be a close contact event in where you would have to defend yourself against attackers.

These attackers may want your gear, food, water, vehicle and / or life. Will you be able to stop that from happening effectively and without life threatening injury? These weapons are ideal for stand-off and defending your life, getting away in time.

Standoff Weapons

These weapons will enable you to keep the attacker away and possibly engage the enemy with force to prevent a full assault on you or your party.

Fury Tactical Slapper Leather SAP Police

Fury Tactical Kuba-Kickz Spike Points

Mace Pepper Spray Pepper Gun


Guard Dog Security Stun Gun








Lethal Defensive Weapons

These SHTF weapons will enable you to use potential lethal defensive force against an attacker to protect your life and your group. Once the attacker/enemy has decided to engage you or your group, lethal, quick and decisive force and action is required to subdue the attacker before they subdue you.

Benchmade 176BKSN SOCP Dagger

TKA-BAR TDI Law Enforcement Last Ditch

United Sentry Shoulder Harness Knife

Tactical Neck Knife by Bud K Tactical

Dark Operations Fighting Knives








Hopefully this article will give you some great starting places on what to look for and get for the ultimate self defense and survival weapons for SHTF or WROL and civil unrest situations.


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