Government Targeting Survivalists and Preppers


In the newly released flyer that they have sent out they have clearly defined their stand point on prepping and survivalism. If you are preparing for the next big disaster or gathering supplies then the Government wants to know about it. They are blatantly asking store owners to record your purchases and report them back to the Government .

They want purchases including but not limited to MRE’s, weatherproof ammunition, match containers, any night vision devices, high capacity magazines ,bi-pods or tri-pods for rifles to be recorded and treated as a suspicious purchase.

This is all being done under the pretense of “homeland security” which seems to be the running theme on lock down laws. Oh and be careful not to say anything controversial either because the shopkeepers are asked to monitor what you say and how you react.


Targeting Survivalists and Preppers

This is the most ridicules thing I have seen in a while. It is so plainly obvious that the “Communities Against…” flyer has nothing to do with al Qaeda, I mean do you really think they are planning on carrying out an attack with flashlights? I meant that’s ridiculous. What does MRE’s and weather proof ammunition have to do with criminal behavior?

Preppers and survivalist have long been fighting a battle against being stereotyped as doomsayers, or political movements. We are simply preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. We are preparing so our families don’t go without in case of emergency.

You would think the government and FEMA would be glad and encourage people to buy emergency supplies and survival gear. That would greatly reduce the load in case of a disaster. But instead they are making it seem like a crime to get supplies and be prepared.

Here is a link to the “Communities Against…” flyer from

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