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Counterproliferation Operations

The US military response to the threat, and actual use of NBC weapons is
counterproliferation. Counterproliferation is a multitiered, integrated approach intended to
deter NBC use and enable US forces to survive, fight, and win in an NBC environment.
Counterproliferation is built on four core capabilities: counterforce, active defense, passive
defense, and consequence management;

it is also enhanced by military support to
nonproliferation efforts. It includes the activities of the Department of Defense (DOD)
across the full range of US government (USG) efforts to combat proliferation (see Figure I-
1). Commanders at all levels are responsible for the integration and synchronization of
these four core capabilities into their overall operations in support of national
nonproliferation and counterproliferation objectives.

a. Counterproliferation exists across a sequence of mutually supporting operations
that form a continuum of interrelated activities that employ both offensive and defensive
measures. The success of efforts in one area impacts other functions throughout the
operational cycle. The focus of this publication is passive defense.

An awareness of how
passive defense fits within the counterproliferation operations concept is important because
passive defense operations can be impacted by the other three core capabilities.


Maintaining Preparedness

Maintaining military preparedness for potential operations in NBC environments
presents significant challenges and places extraordinary demands on commanders at all
echelons for a clear understanding of potential threats and the requirements for unity of
effort among US forces (service, interagency, joint, multiservice, and multinational) in the
US and abroad.

Threat assessment includes overseas areas of potential conflict as well as
US territory, with particular attention to the civilian infrastructure, military forces, types
of hazards that may be encountered (i.e., low-level exposure hazards), and facilities needed
to support the range of military operations.

Preparedness includes visibly and successfully
exercising service, joint, multinational, and interagency plans that demonstrate the
capability to operate in NBC environments because the use of NBC weapons could impact
strategic, operational, or tactical operations.

a. Background. Maintaining preparedness may include combat operations and
MOOTW such as peace operations, foreign humanitarian assistance, and other military
support to civil authorities (MSCA). This environment presents numerous opportunities for
US military operations to encounter antagonists possessing NBC weapons or toxic

b. Low-Level Exposure. In addition to the employment of NBC weapons by a threat,
maintaining preparedness includes being alert to other dangerous hazards that can persist
in the AO. Prevalent among those hazards are low-level radiation (LLR), depleted uranium
(DU), TIM, and biological agents (covertly or accidentally dispersed).

An LLR threat can
exist in certain expended munitions, damaged or destroyed equipment, or contaminated
shrapnel—as well as inadequate nuclear waste disposal, deterioration of nuclear power
facilities, or damage to facilities that routinely use radioactive material. LLR produces longterm
radiation exposure health consequences for personnel. DU found in munitions does
not present significant hazards as long as the round is intact.

However, care must be taken around vehicles that have been hit by DU rounds or fires where DU munitions are involved because inhalation and ingestion of DU dust and residue present a health hazard. TIM are often present in enormous quantities in the AO and can be released from industrial plants, transport containers, or storage facilities through battle damage or used as a desperation
measure during military operations.

The multiservice CBRN and other FM and MCWP of the army and NBC technique are contained, for
download and SS in FM 4, FM 7, FM 100 and c-1 protection doctrines.

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Field Manuals: fm 3-04.120 Air Traffic Services Operations

Field Manuals: fm 3-04.120 Air Traffic Services Operations

Chapter 1: Air Traffic Services Operations
Organization and Missions

Over the last century, warfare became increasingly complex. Army organizations changed from large division sized organizations to today’s brigade-based combined arms teams. To meet this challenge ATS organizations have undergone a transformation to better enable aviation to meet the requirements of the changing battlefront. ATS organizations are now designed to efficiently support Army aviation and joint, inter-agency, interdepartmental, and multinational (JIIM) forces. ATS organizations enable safe and efficient use of positive and procedural control measures with a designated airfield management structure managing high-density and congested airfields at theater level. The organizational tenets for this design are doctrinally balanced, logistically supportable, modernized, multifunctional, and modular.

Survival-SHTF-Guide: Field Manuals: fm 3-04.120 Air Traffic Services Operations

1-11. An ATS company supports CABs by providing terminal area and en route airspace information and control services. ATS companies provide services to support CABs throughout full spectrum operations. ATS companies are composed of a control tower, ground control approach (GCA), airspace information center (AIC), and two tactical aviation control teams (TACTs). They also deploy as part of the CAB and are an integral part of the brigade’s readiness.
1-12. ATS companies have the following capabilities:

•Deployable within 96 hours of notification, and are equipped and capable of operations in any environment.

•Control tower operations upon 30 minutes of arrival in an area of operation (AO) and become fully operational within 1 hour of arrival.

•Provide self-sustaining operations for 72 hours upon arrival in an AO.

•TACTs in austere/tactical environment operational 15 minutes after arrival in an AO.

•Support aircraft recovery operations including personnel recovery, medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), and assistance to aircraft in distress (battle damage, inclement weather, and disoriented aircraft). Air Traffic Services Operations

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Field Manuals: Human Resources Manual FM 1-0

Field Manuals: Human Resources Manual FM 1-0

FM 1-0 promotes a common understanding of human resource support fundamentals. This manual does not dictate procedures for any particular operational scenario.

It provides the doctrinal base for developing operational plans (OPLANs) and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Leaders and human resource operators at all levels must apply these fundamentals using the military decision-making process (MDMP), troop leading procedures (TLP), and METT-TC. This publication is authoritative; but requires judgment in application.

Survival-SHTF-Guide: Human Resources Manual FM 1-0

Human Resources (HR) doctrine must be complete enough for HR professionals to determine tasks and competencies that must be accomplished, yet not so prescriptive that it prohibits the freedom to adapt to operational circumstances.

Much like the tactical commander, HR professionals must be versatile and flexible enough to sustain uninterrupted HR support in today’s contemporary operating environment.

Knowledge of doctrine, combined with expertise and experience, provides a strong foundation for superior planning and execution and establishes a consistent understanding of required HR proficiencies.

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