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Conspiracy Theorists Go Too Far by Questioning Truth of Tragedy

Conspiracy Theorists Go Too Far by Questioning Truth of Tragedy

By Katie Akers

Staff Writer

Published: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On December 14, 2012 Adam Lanza went into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. and took 26 innocent lives before he took his own. There’s nothing in this world like getting a chilling call from the police saying there was a shooting at your child’s elementary school, especially with no details saying if your child was safe and unharmed. The parents of 20 young children had to stand outside Sandy Hook Elementary school in hopes that their child would come out and they’d be reunited.

Twenty parents received the horrific news that their children were deceased in the school, and that the man responsible was now deceased himself. The parents of 20 children and six adults now had to spend Christmas grieving, knowing they would not be able to spend time with their children, and would instead be burying them during such a festive time of year. Read more…

Should You Prepare for 2012?

With everything out there on the internet from the Mayan Prophecies, Comet Elenin and many more things it’s hard not to wonder what exactly is coming..

While I don’t think that 2012 means the end of the world I do think you should prep for survival. Here are some of my reasons why I will be prepping for 2012.

Should You Prepare for 2012?

  • Wackos and Panic – As we inch closer to the “date” I think we are going to see a lot more people panicking and claiming every little thing is another sign of the end of the world. I feel that we are going to see an increase in craziness and as it gets closer and the fear rises you might see desperate acts of people who think the world is going to end, maybe riots, looting, hoarding who knows.
  • Solar Flares – Earlier this year NASA released a warning saying that we are moving into the most active time ever for the sun, they said to expect massive solar flares, The us government also released a document stating that the solar flares could possibly knock out power grids on the east coast for years.



  • Economic Depression – We all see what’s going on in the economy and most agree we are a few breaths away from a depression. That being said I really feel that this generation is completely incapable of handling a depression. This society is all about buying new and throwing out used. If we go into an economic depression it will be a huge shock for most people and i don’t think it will be an easy adjustment of them.



  • Political Disaster – With the 2012 elections just around the corner many fear this may also be a trigger event. You have the extremists that will riot if Obama loses and then the other side extremists that will go nuts if he wins. With all of the political “drama” ahead it’s easy to see this as a tipping point along with the economy, job losses, foreclosures and much more.


Should You Prepare for 2012?

These are my reasons for prepping for 2012. It’s not so much the actual even its more prepping for what the public will be doing. With so much instability in this country I’m more scared of what the people are going to do and what extremes they will go to.

I’m preparing for many things and this is just one of the scenarios but keep in mind that prepping is preparing for the worst and hoping for the best,

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Government Targeting Survivalists and Preppers

In the newly released flyer that they have sent out they have clearly defined their stand point on prepping and survivalism. If you are preparing for the next big disaster or gathering supplies then the Government wants to know about it. They are blatantly asking store owners to record your purchases and report them back to the Government .

They want purchases including but not limited to MRE’s, weatherproof ammunition, match containers, any night vision devices, high capacity magazines ,bi-pods or tri-pods for rifles to be recorded and treated as a suspicious purchase.

This is all being done under the pretense of “homeland security” which seems to be the running theme on lock down laws. Oh and be careful not to say anything controversial either because the shopkeepers are asked to monitor what you say and how you react.


Targeting Survivalists and Preppers

This is the most ridicules thing I have seen in a while. It is so plainly obvious that the “Communities Against…” flyer has nothing to do with al Qaeda, I mean do you really think they are planning on carrying out an attack with flashlights? I meant that’s ridiculous. What does MRE’s and weather proof ammunition have to do with criminal behavior?

Preppers and survivalist have long been fighting a battle against being stereotyped as doomsayers, or political movements. We are simply preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. We are preparing so our families don’t go without in case of emergency.

You would think the government and FEMA would be glad and encourage people to buy emergency supplies and survival gear. That would greatly reduce the load in case of a disaster. But instead they are making it seem like a crime to get supplies and be prepared.

Here is a link to the “Communities Against…” flyer from

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