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All You Need Bug Out Bag Checklist

The Bugout Bag – The simple bug-out bag is such an essential group of items that gets overlooked all too often by preppers.

This bugout bag or BOB for short, can provide you and your family emergency essentials if you just plain need to ‘get out of dodge’.

My Listmania List is here as well showing many other products for stocking your Bug Out Bag (B.O.B).

If the situation arises, either a without rule of law (WROL), a natural disaster or emergency or civil unrest or even a full blown SHTF situation – being able to just grab a ready to go bag is crucial.

Although there is much controversy over what to keep in your Bug Out Bag (BOB), here’s a simple and comprehensive list for the basics that you will want and need.

Your personal options and needs will vary of course, and you should customize your bug-out bags to your situation.

As well, it would be a large benefit for everyone in your family to have their own Bug Out Bags including small children.

Keep in mind that everyone’s situation is different and you will want to add things or take away things depending on your personal choices. For example, if you live in a colder climate you will need additional supplies for Winter Preparedness.

I am only listing what I have collected for my bug out bag and what I think should be in everyone’s bug out bag. Also keep in mind I live in the lower 48’s and do not have to worry about snow or anything close to that.

This is just my take on what you should definitely have in your bug out bag. Of course there are more things that would be nice to have in my bug out bag these survival things are what I’m going to start with then add on to it slowly.

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Having a survival or emergency bug out bag is very important and should not be rushed, you should also not plan out your emergency bug out bag for too long as well. In addition, check out our Urban Bug Out Bag list which should vary somewhat.

There is a fine line you have to balance between when preparing for emergencies and survival. You don’t want to rush out and get all of the survival gear you can and possibly get stuff that you will never use… you don’t want to get analysis paralysis either.

The best bet is to carefully plan out your bug out bag with the absolute essential survival gear and then go from there on the luxury survival items. Here is my simple bug out bag checklist as well as my product list for my items here

Bug Out Bag Checklist

Bug Out Bag Checklist (also check out my shopping list)

Clothing for your Bug Out Bag

Light for your Bug Out Bag

Fire for your Bug Out Bag

Survival Knives for your Bug Out Bag

Pocket Survival Kit (Mini)

Water for your Bug Out Bag

Food for your Bug Out Bag

Bug Out Bag Checklist

Hygiene for your Bug Out Bag

  •  Roll of toilet paper (in waterproof bag)
  •  Soap
  •  Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Dental Floss
  •  Razor
  •  Hand disinfection
  •  Insect repellant
  •  Sun block or Skin care lotion
  •  550 Paracord
  •  First aid kit
  •  Supplies for wounds: Band-Aids, gauze, tape, antiseptic, anti-bacterial cream
  •  Over the Counter Medications: pain and fever relief, anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrhea,    anti-vomiting medication, vitamins, anti-itch cream, allergy medication, gas relievers, constipation medication, sunscreen, insect repellant
  •  A months’ worth of any prescription medications plus a copy of the original prescription
  •  Rubbing alcohol
  •  Hydrogen peroxide
  •  Betadine
  •  Small pair of tweezers, scissors, magnifying glass
  •  Triangular bandage
  •  Ace bandage
  •  Blister kit
  •  Sunglasses, polarized

Bug Out Bag Checklist

Of course if your situation changes, your bug out bag will need to adapt to the situation as well.

Also, if you are going to be caring for any small children or elderly persons, take into account their special needs as these needs may vary greatly.

I have personally bought bracelets for my children to wear that has their food allergies and any special needs they have engraved on them and put them in my bug out bag.

Getting separated from your child or loved one isn’t something you want to think about…

…but if it does happen you want them to be as prepared and well taken care of as much as possible.

With all of these items in your bug out bag your survival and emergency preparedness will be much easier and have that piece of mind of being prepared for the worst and expecting the best.

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