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Survival Shelter Basics

Survival Shelter can provide protection form sun, insects, wind, rain, snow, hot or cold temperatures, and enemy observation. Not only will a survival shelter provide you with protection but it will also give you a feeling of well-being and safety. It will maintain your will to survive.

In some situations your need for a survival shelter will take precedence over food and water. For example if you are in a cold weather environment you will need shelter above all else. Prolonged exposure to cold can be much more dangerous than dehydration. The most common error in survival shelters is making it too big. Your survival shelter only needs to be big enough to fit you and small enough so that you are not wasting body heat on heating a large area. This is especially important in colder environment.

The first thing to do when preparing a survival shelter is to find the best location.

Survival Shelter

Two important factors in choosing a site is

  1. Make sure it contains material to make the type of shelter you need.
  2. Make sure the area is large enough and level enough to lay down in comfortably.


Now that you have found a site with those important factors we need to think about the tactical elements.Survival Shelter

  1. Make sure it provides enough concealment to hide you from enemy observation
  2. Make sure it has camouflaged escape routes.
  3. If necessary make sure it is easy to signal from.
  4. Make sure it provides protection from wild animals and dead trees that can fall on you.
  5. Check the area for poisonous plants and other pesky incest’s.

Now you will need to have a good idea of your local area or the area that you are planning on inhabiting. Make sure you know if there are any flash flood areas, avoid avalanche or rockslide areas and avoid sites near bodies of water that are below the high water mark.

Survival Shelter

Now when considering a survival shelter site use the word BLISS

B- Blend in with the surroundings

L- Low silhouette

I – Irregular shape.

S – Small

S – Secluded location

Now for each survival shelter and location things will differ. Survival shelter sites will also greatly differ depending on the seasons. For instance in a winter environment you will want to shelter yourself from the elements and have  site close to a fuel source and water. Where as in the same site during Summer you will want to be close to a water supply and you will want the site to be almost insect free for your survival shelter.


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