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The Best Survival Vest & How To Pack It

Having a good survival vest can make all the difference in a shtf scenario.

A survival vest is just a more complex term for a tactical vest.

A good survival vest will have some key features that I will go into detail about later.

These vests are great for not only survival situations but they are also great for other events like camping or really any other outdoor adventure.

These vests can literally mean the difference between life and death when you are trying to survive.

A survival vest is not only an extra place to put things but it is much more easy to access than a backpack or a bug out bag.

This accessibility is why so many hikers, fishermen and even camper wear a vest. You can keep all of the most important and vital object on your body in easy reach.

There is a wide variety of vest on the market now to choose from. There are specialty vests made just for hunting, fishing vests and even tactical vests.

When it all comes down to it you need to choose which vest you like the most and which vest will work for you. If you like the pockets on the fishing vest but your looking for a tactical vest don’t worry about the name. There are however a few things that you should look for in a survival vest.


The first thing to keep an eye out for is a vest that is lightweight. Keep in mind that you are going to be loading this vest down with items so the lighter the vest is without being packed the easier it will be to wear all day.

Next you need to look for a vest made from durable materials that are also breathable. In a survival situation sweating is your enemy, it can cause you to dehydrate quicker and even cause you to get colder to fast. A breathable material such as canvas or cotton is perfect.

Also when choosing a vest make sure to get 1 size above what you normal wear. Once you load the vest up with all your goodies you might have a hard time zipping it up if you don’t get the right size. You want to make sure when you are picking out your vest that you look for one that has zippers but also a lot of Velcro or button pockets.

This is because zippers can fail, even though they don’t fail all the time when your in survival mode that last thing you need is a zipper failing and not having a pocket that you need.

Not only should your survival vest had a ton of pockets but you should also look for one that has several d rings. The d-rings are prefect for attaching carabiners so that you can carry your water bottle or anything else you want to clip on. You can also use tie downs with the d rings and strap more things onto you back in a pinch.



Packing Your Survival Vest

When you go to pack your vest you need to consider a few important factors. You need to keep in mind that you will be carrying this on your body so be mindful of comfort, weight and safety. You should not pack your vest with more than 5 lbs or gear. When packing you should try to evenly distribute the 5 pounds all across the vest.

If you plan on packing anything sharp make sure you put it in a container so that you don’t end up stabbing yourself or cutting a hole in your new vest. When you pack your vest make sure you are placing items in convenient locations.

Put what you are going to use the most in the easiest to reach pockets. Also sit down and move around when you pack it to make sure the vest will be comfortable when sitting and hiking.


What Should You Put In Your Survival Vest?

Many people use a survival vest for many reasons. Some use a vest as an alternative to a backpack while others use it in combination with one. Which ever way you plan on using your vest you really need to plan out what you want and need to pack it with.

You need to keep in mind that the weight limit is 54 pounds. Try to pack what you would need to survival in a situation. The three main things to take care of are water, food, and shelter.

Because this is not a backpack or a bug out bag you will need to get a little creative. Obviously you can’t pack a tend in your vest for shelter but you can fit a small emergency blanket. Here is a survival list of things to carry in your vest:

  1. multi-tool
  2. survival lighter
  3. Snake bite kit
  4. mini mag-light
  5. water purification tablets
  6. mini first aid kit
  7. 50 feet of 550 para-chord
  8. mini sewing kit
  9. emergency blanket
  10. rain poncho
  11. gloves
  12. Monocular
  13. Whistle
  14. collapsible cup
  15. Pocket compass with thermometer and windchill chart
  16. Aloe Vera lotion and sun block
  17. Aspirin
  18. Survival fishing kit: hooks, line and sinkers.
  19. QuikClot sport pak

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Best Survival Gear

Distilling the survival gear that YOU need for YOUR scenario. The camping supplies, survival food and survival kits that you would need for all levels of experience.

Many people prepare for all kinds of calamity including emergency preparedness minded events, civil unrest and WROL shtf scenarios, food to survive and water to last days, weeks and months. shtf gear and Survival gear to the max! Gear up…


Fire Starting Kits and Survival Kit

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Home Defense / Combat Survival Gear

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Survival Food

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Survival Water

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Combat and Wilderness Clothing

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Best Survival Gear

shtf Survival Gear including: paracord, fire piston and fire starting gear, water filtration systems, portable and more robust, first aid kits and emergency aid for the family.

As well as survival knives, mission clothing, 3-day assault packs and backpacks and more. BDU clothing, military belts and tactical vests. All of the survival gear, watch for our reviews of tactical and SHTF gear in upcoming posts.

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Best SHTF Gear: The Air Force Survival Knife

The air force survival knife is one of the best all around survival knives in my opinion. I have to say that I was extremely surprised at how sharp this knife was right out of the box.

Normally when I order a knife it comes to me semi-sharp and I sharpen is myself.

Not this time, It was one of the sharpest knives I have ever gotten. The saw side also come pre-sharpened. This is a 9.5″ fixed blade knife.

The knife is had a 5″ drop point and is made from carbon steel.

I really like the grip as well as the finger guard on this knife as well. The finger-guard is nice and large and will accommodate larger hands like mine. The grip is made from a very high quality leather that is ribbed.

The grip is very sturdy and has held up very nicely despite me putting it to hard use. The buttcap is made from steel which i found really holds up well.

Remember that in a survival situation you will need to make your tools and equipment really work for you and if you need to hammer something in the butt of your knife might be your only option.
air force survival knife
This is a great knife to keep in your bug out bag with your other survival tools. This knife is one of the most hardy and strong knives I have come across in a while. When I got it I took it out doors and really messed with it.

I don’t think I could have broken it without mechanical help. This air force survival knife shape may be considered by some to small and cumbersome but I think the stocky shape is great for survival.

This air force survival knife holds an edge extremely well. When It started to get a little dull I sharpened it to a shaving edge and it held very nicely.

I also like that you can baton wood with it. Begin able to baton wood is a must for any survival knife in my opinion.

The sheath is also very high quality. On the bottom of the sheath there is a puncture proof metal box so you never have to worry about loosing your knife or getting stabbed by it.
The size of this particular knife in my opinion is what makes it a perfect survival knife. With this knife you can baton a good size piece of wood unlike many other knives like the mora or others.

The fact that this knife is full tang is another reason why it is the ultimate survival knife to me. In my opinion the blade of this knife is expertly Parkerized and is ground to perfection.

On top of all of that this knife comes with it’s own sharpening stone. I feel that this sharpening stone is more than good for the average person.

This is the best all around air force survival knife that will not let you down in a pinch. You can be absolutely brutal with it and it will hold up. This is why I have personally chosen it as my go to survival knife. I have gotten about 5 and placed then in different bags, car, etc.

air force survival knife

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