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Doomsday Seed Vault: Your Own Survival Seeds, Take a Cue

Doomsday Seed Vault: Your Own Survival Seeds, Take a Cue

“They” are storing seeds for some unforeseen calamity… Shouldn’t we store some seeds for our families?

I say most definitely YES! Here is some info on the ‘Doomsday Seed Vault’:

The arctic permafrost offers natural freezing for the seeds, while additional cooling brings the temperatures down to minus 0.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Seed boxes are stored inside the vault on giant shelves. The vault currently contains half a million different types of seeds

The preciousness of the seeds there is also reflected in the inaccessible nature of the vault. “Anyone seeking access to the seeds themselves will have to pass through four locked doors:

…The heavy steel entrance doors, a second door approximately 115 meters down the tunnel and finally the two keyed air-locked doors,” the Trust writes.

“Keys are coded to allow access to different levels of the facility. Not all keys unlock all doors.”

I have compiled some of the seeds that I get from sources that should be a no brainer way to set you up for seed storage and stockpiling of your ‘victory garden’.

Check these links out for your seed purchases:

You can purchase multiple 7-acre versions or multiple 1-acre ones for your needs and then expand as needed. Just be sure to store these in a dry stable conditions and these should stay vital for years.

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Victory Garden and How to Make One

A Victory Garden is not a new phenomenon. These gardens first became popular in WWII. They were simple gardens with vegetables fruit and herbs.

The Victory garden was generally a private residential garden but some also sprang up ion public parks. They were mostly to ease the pressure on the public food supply during the time of war.

These Victory garden are becoming increasingly popular with the Preppers and Survival groups. One big difference in Victory Garden now is that the main reason behind them is not to ease the pressure of the food supply but to ensure your own food supply.

With everything going on now it’s easy to see what might be just up the road. So how do you plan for your family’s needs when it comes to food? You plan on not relying on grocery stores or FEMA handouts! I’m not talking about going out and investing in acres of land to plant but a simple Victory Garden.

Your Victory Garden can be a large or small depending on your needs. There are a lot of people Urban Gardening now which is great!

Victory Garden Victory Garden

A Victory Garden can provide fresh food when you can’t go and buy it. It can become a great asset if you look to barter for items.

Having the skills and the seeds on hand to have a Victory Garden is like having Home insurance, you hope to never need it but if the need arises you sure are glad you had it.

Now if you are looking just to store seeds the most important thing to do like I mentioned in my Survival Seeds post is to make sure you have heirloom seeds. GMO plants and seeds are not reusable!

There are several great methods to use in your Victory Garden.

The no-till Garden Method

This method means you don’t take hours of prepping the soil and tilling it. Most green leafy vegetation can be grown in very little dirt. Get creative with this method! You can use containers. Victory Garden in containers are great, think about if you need to bug out you can simply gather up your plants that are in container and load them into the car and take your Victory Garden with you!

Now the first thing when setting up your Victory garden is to think about how much you want or need to grow. Now you can choose to grow just enough for your family or you can grow more and possibly have food you can trade and barter with.

Victory Garden

Now you need to evaluate your location. This means decide if you have enough room to make your garden worth the effort. Make sure the land you choose gets enough sun and take into consideration of whether you need to build a fence to keep critters out.

The next step for your Victory Garden is prepping the area you choose. This means clearing any rocks or plants from the area. This step if done right will save you a lot of headache later. Make sure to get all the weeds while you have the area cleared!

Victory GardenThe next step is to amend your soil. I can almost guarantee that your soil needs a boost. This can be as easy as getting some organic soil and mixing it in or gather grass clipping or compost material and layer it into the soil.

Now that the ground is ready to plant in you need to choose your seeds. This is a very important part. Make sure to choose heirloom seeds as you will be able to let a few of the plant go to seed and collect them to replant.

Check out my post on Survival Seeds for more information on seeds. Now you need to take into consideration of what you want to plant.

Each plant has different needs and different seasons. You will need to read up on your specific location and seasons and pick the best plants to grow. Remember with Heirloom Seeds in your Victory Garden you will be able to grow a much larger variety and not have to buy seeds next year to replant.

Now just plant your seeds, follow the directions on the seed packs and ta da you have a Victory Garden. Just employ he basic gardening techniques you would use for a traditional garden and use Heirloom seeds for your Survival Victory garden!


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Survival Seeds DIY Your Own Survival Seeds Vault

It has been almost alarming to see the amount of Survival Seeds companies popping up lately. They all make it seem as if you can just open he can and have an instant garden.

To most people that sounds great and they buy the survival seeds and just store them in their garage. This is a major mistake. I have been gardening now for years.

Gardening is not an easy thing, there is a lot of work and trial and error that goes into a garden. Most of the things I learned were from failed crops and bad yields. A the time it was disappointing but in a survival situation it could have been deadly.

If you are going to rely on Survival Seeds and survival gardening to sustain you though a situation I highly suggest starting a survival garden now! Check out my post on Victory Garden!

Gardening in general is a pretty basic thing but when you bring into the equation weather, your local weather, your local water and ph levels and many more things it can get pretty tricky.

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t rocket science but in a situation where your family is relying on the food that will come from eh garden you really don’t want any surprises or learning curve.

Survival SeedsSurvival Seeds

As for the Survival Seeds themselves I highly suggest making your own Survival Seeds Vault.

I mean really most of these companies are selling $10 worth of seeds for around $50 bucks! Here is how you can make your own Survival Seed Bank!

The first thing you want to do is get some Heirloom Seeds. Heirloom seeds are open pollinate seeds and they will give you seeds year after year.

Unlike heirloom survival seeds GMO seeds and hybrid survival seeds will either give you a completely different plant next season or none at all. There are plenty of great heirloom seed places on the internet some of my favorite are Victory Seeds and Heirloom Seeds.

Before you go out buying lots of seeds sit down and figure out what you want, what you need and what will work for your location.

My suggestion is to order what you think will be best for you and try to grow them. You will quickly find out if they are easy to grow in your area and if the yield is what you need.

Remember with heirloom survival seeds you get a huge variety and there are tons of different plants that do better in certain areas.Survival Seeds

Now on how to make your own Survival Seeds Vault

I never store my seeds in the packs they come in. First thing I do is put them into a Ziploc bag and date the bag with the date that I put them in. Then I take that zip lock bag and put it into a vacuum sealed bag.

Now once I have a bunch of my survival seeds individually vacuum sealed I go one step further. I have tried a few ways of sealing them and here Sealing Methods I Have Tried:

  1. Put the vacuum packed survival seeds into a Mylar bag and then put that into a 2 gallon bucket. I have used oxygen absorbers but they don’t seem to make a difference because of the vacuum seal I think.
  2. Put my vacuum packed survival seeds into a ammo storage container with a really well fitting lid.

I know this can seem like overkill but trust me, water, air and even sunlight are your seeds mortal enemies. Once seeds get moisture on them they need to be planted right away because they start to germinate.

The main benefit of making your own Survival Seed Vault is you don’t have to worry about what your planting. With a pre-made seed vault you can’t just open it up and try the seeds and see if they work in your area, you just have to trust they will.

If you make your own Survival Seeds Vault you can take a few out and try them before you store them!

If you follow all of these simple steps you can easily make your own customized Survival Seeds Vault. The benefits to making your own Survival Seeds Vault is not just money.

Sure you’ll save a bundle of cash by making your own but you will also be able to choose exactly what you want and exactly what will do best in your geographical location.

Remember that you really want to try out the survival seeds before you store them so you know what to expect from that variety. With this plan you should come away with more Survival Seeds for less money!

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