It's not just a box!
It's a plan!

There's a lot of "survival boxes" out there to choose from but you are SOL when SHTF, if you don't actually have the survival essentials that you need!
Here at SHTF Survival, we know you need a Plan not just a box of stuff. Every item included in your subscription plan is included because it's a real survival necessity. From a disaster of apocalyptic proportions to hurricane preparedness, we know exactly what you need!

Sign up for our SHTF Survival Gear monthly subscription for as low as $19.99 per month! You'll be delivered a new cache of survival gear each month guaranteed to retail for more than the price of the subscription.

How Does It Work?


Choose a subscription plan. Your first month's order will ship immediately. There's no waiting!


Your monthly plan will ship on the 15th of each month. You don't need to do anything!


Open your order to find brand-new, must-have survival gear. You're now prepared for anything!

Pick Your Plan

Guaranteed retail value of more than the price of the subscription or your money back! First plan ships same day if ordered before 2PM - Future plans ship on the 15th of each month. No contracts. Renew or cancel any time.

the basic survival subscription box, a value averaging more than $40


Start Your Prep

$40.00 Value


the pro survival box has a value of more than $80


Up Your Chances

All gear in the Primary Plan AND MORE

$80.00 Value


the elite survival subscription box has a value averaging more than $120


Survive it ALL

All gear in the Primary and Pro Plans AND MORE

$120.00 Value



What's In A Typical Plan?

Fire Starters

You must have fire for body heat, cooking, boiling water and to fend off wild animals.

Hard-Use Tools

Multi-tools, shovels, saws, etc. You can bet a tool will be in every box.

Emergency Prep

From first aid to disaster preparedness. You can't survive if you don't anticipate bad situations and prepare for them.


Tough bottles, filters, water treatment & more. You can't go more than 2 days without water.

Survival Gear Pack

Survival Gear

From emergency tents and ponchos, to nylon gear bags and food bars. We like to keep it unpredictable.


Trapping, building, parachuting, it does it all. This is one supply you'll always want more of!


Carabiners, compasses, tactical gear and more. We like to throw in extras, who doesn't like extras?

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re not prepared for the worst, whether it’s of apocalyptic proportions or a natural disaster,
you’re toast! Bottomline. Our plans have the gear you need.

No! If you ever decide you don’t want the most awesome deal in survival gear ever, you can cancel at any time.

We don’t need to answer that! See what our subscribers have to say below.

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